For Grant Seekers

In its sole program area, Economic Inclusion and Human Rights, the Rosenberg Foundation currently makes grants to further policy reform in three priority areas – Justice and Public Safety, Immigrant Rights and Integration, and Justice for Farm Workers. Please visit Our Grant Programs for more information on each of these areas.
The Foundation works closely with social justice advocates, policy makers and other thought leaders throughout the state to identify the strategies that will best help us achieve positive impact in California within each program. As such, most of our grantee partners are identified and contacted by our Foundation staff first. In addition, we frequently invest in emerging initiatives and organizations, and are committed to long-term relationships with our grant partners.
Please note that, while we do accept unsolicited inquiries, our approach to grantmaking means that we can fund only a few of them. In this section, you can find more information on fit and eligibility and information on submitting a letter of inquiry. We thank you for submitting a grant inquiry, and will respond to you as quickly as possible from the date of your submission.