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40 Under 40: Young Leaders Who Are Solving the Problems of Today — and Tomorrow

Philanthropy has long suffered the reputation, rightly or wrongly, that it is a stuffy, formal field of conservative approaches. No more. The nonprofit world today is getting pulled in all directions by a host of new ideas about how work for the common good can be carried out and financed.

Andrew Carnegie, considered one of the great innovators of modern philanthropy, was 76 when he started his pioneering private foundation in 1911. Today, many of the people behind the nonprofit world’s boldest ideas are a whole lot younger. The founder of Giving Tuesday, Henry Timms, is 39. The rebel philanthropist Mark Zuckerberg is 31. And of the three women behind the Black Lives Matter movement, the oldest is 34.

These leaders and the others ​The Chronicle​ has selected as people under 40 to watch are trailblazers crafting innovative new approaches to entrenched problems. In their work today, we get a preview of what the future might hold.

See the full list here.

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