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Changing the odds for Californians

The Rosenberg Foundation works together with our grantees, other funders and experts to dismantle the systemic barriers that stand in the way of equity, freedom and opportunity for far too many Californians.

Established in 1935 at the bequest of California business leader Max L. Rosenberg, since our founding we have provided close to 2,800 grants totaling nearly $80 million to regional, statewide and national organizations advocating for racial and economic justice throughout California.

From our early work supporting efforts on behalf of Japanese American families returning from internment camps to our most recent initiatives to reform the state’s approach to criminal justice and public safety, our aim has remained consistent: to change the odds so that all Californians can thrive in our democracy and economy.

Today, we continue to support brave and bold leaders who are on the leading edge of confronting racial and economic injustice. Our current focus is on ending over-incarceration and undoing the impacts of the broken criminal justice system on our communities, transforming inhumane and destructive immigration policies, stopping the exploitation of low-wage and immigrant workers.

We invest in regional and statewide campaigns; policy advocacy; power building and community organizing; and innovative and risky ideas. We also amplify our grantees’ work through communications and convenings to reach stakeholders, and partner with colleagues in philanthropy to leverage grantmaking and increase collective impact.

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