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City Visions: Are criminal justice reforms working?

Host Ethan Elkind moderates a debate on criminal justice reforms in California. Two bills that would eliminate bail are headed for the state legislature, championed by advocacy groups seeking to reduce incarcerations and to make sentencing laws more flexible and equitable.

What do these and other reforms mean for victims, the incarcerated, and affected families? California originated the controversial “3 Strikes” law. Are we right this time?

Producer: Wendy Holcombe


Will Matthews, Public Affairs Manager for Californians for Safety and Justice. He has held positions at the ACLU in New York and Northern California.

Steve Wagstaffe, President of the California District Attorneys Association and the District Attorney of San Mateo.

Magnus Lofstrom, Ph.D., Senior Fellow at the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) and co-author of a number of papers for the PPIC on corrections in California.


Ethan Elkind

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