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Statement from Rosenberg Foundation on DACA Decision

President Trump’s cruel and unjustifiable decision to terminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program threatens to put 800,000 young Americans–including more than 200,000 Californians–out of work and at risk of losing the only home they have ever known. And the very values that our country was founded upon continue to be threatened by a morally bankrupt administration bowing to hateful, racist and xenophobic extremists.

This enormously successful and popular program is the result of courageous organizing and advocacy by undocumented youth themselves and the organizations and individuals across the U.S. that have shown unwavering dedication to seeing our immigrant family, friends, and neighbors thrive.

The Rosenberg Foundation will not waver in standing with Dreamers to protect our immigrant family members, neighbors and communities.

As funders, we can double down on our investments to organizations created and led by undocumented youth that have demonstrated the power to affect change on the local, state and national levels. As individuals, we all can stand on the right side of this incomprehensible choice by raising our voices on this issue.

It will require continued courage and strength to resist, but we must not back down from defending our deeply held values of justice, inclusion and equity for all.

Rosenberg Foundation also joined our colleagues in California philanthropy to support DACA. Read the joint statement.

California Philanthropic Leaders Unite in Support of DACA

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