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Kamala Harris Swears in Members of New Board Tasked With Eliminating Racial Profiling

A day after five police officers were shot and killed in Dallas by a gunman angry over recent police killings of black men, California Attorney General Kamala Harris on Friday swore in members of a new board tasked with helping eliminate racial profiling in law enforcement.

Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board was mandated by Assembly Bill 953 and is comprised of community, civil rights, religious and law enforcement leaders.

“As a prosecutor my heart is breaking, as the top law enforcement officer in the state, and as a black woman,” Harris said of the recent events in Dallas, Baton Rouge and Minnesota.

She added that she has not met a black man who hasn’t been racially profiled at some point in his life.

After the members were sworn in and the first meeting was held, Harris answered questions outside the Ronald Reagan State Building in downtown L.A. about what she hopes to accomplish with the board as well as issues of gun control in the state and nationwide.

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