Krea Gomez

Senior Program Officer

Krea is an Indigenous mother of six who believes in community initiated solutions and the power of redemption and has anchored her work in education,community organizing, youth development, juvenile and criminal justice values for more than 20 years. For the past five years, she has served as member of the leadership team at the Young Women’s Freedom Center where she began her journey in community work as a youth more than 27 years ago. There she supported the leadership development of system involved young women, gender non-conforming and trans young adults.

Prior to her return to YWFC, she served as Dean of Students & School Culture at the North Oakland Community Charter School (NOCCS) where she revamped the Community Action Learning (CAL) program from a civic engagement elective to a comprehensive middle school capstone program that engaged youth in ethnic and cultural studies, social justice and community organizing projects in their North Oakland community and beyond. While at NOCCS, she was the recipient of the 2015 Teachers 4 Social Justice Award. Krea also served as the Western & Southern Regional Program Manager at the W. Haywood Burns Institute for 2005-2010, where she co-managed the Community Justice Network for Youth (CJNY) a national network of over 140 organizations working to reduce racial disparities in the juvenile justice system. At CJNY, she provided organizational and technical support to grassroots and non-profit organizations all over the country and trained hundreds of young people and allies on how to become community-centered and initiated alternatives to detention programs for system-involved youth. Krea is a founding member of the Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition, a powerful statewide coalition of directly impacted cis and trans girls and women, trans men, and gender-expansive individuals committed to shifting power and leading local and statewide policy changes across CA. She was recently named one of nine fellows of the 2022-2024 Leading Edge Fellowship of the Rosenberg Foundation. The Leading Edge Fund seeds, incubates and accelerates bold ideas from the next generation of progressive movement leaders in California.

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