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Rosenberg Foundation Awards Over $1 Million in Grants

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Rosenberg Foundation ( announced today that it has awarded over $1 million to 16 organizations advocating for social and economic justice throughout California.

As part of the foundation’s Justice and Public Safety portfolio, the foundation awarded $50,000 to the Anti-Recidivism Coalition for policy advocacy and communications to advance justice reform in the state. Californians for Safety and Justice received $350,000 to reduce the number of people incarcerated in prison and jail in California and effect significant cost savings in corrections spending. Los Angeles Mission College received $55,000 to implement a comprehensive re-entry pilot program aimed at improving outcomes among the Los Angeles County jail population.

In the area of Immigrant Rights and Integration, the foundation awarded the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) $175,000 over three years to support litigation at the intersection of immigrants’ rights and low wage workers’ rights for in California. The California Immigrant Policy Center received $40,000 for statewide advocacy and communications to advance immigrants’ rights. The foundation also awarded Farmworker Justice $75,000 to support policy advocacy, education, training and litigation to empower and improve the living and working conditions of farmworkers. The United Farm Worker Foundation received $75,000 to build farmworker power and advance farmworkers’ rights in California’s Central Valley.

Additional grants include: $25,000 to the Asian Pacific Environmental Network to advance racial justice in Asian American and Pacific Islander American communities; $75,000 to the national and California Executives’ Alliances to Expand Opportunities for Boys and Men of Color; and $30,000 to Oxfam America to engage consumers and retailers in a domestic food product system that will enhance the health, safety and workers’ rights of U.S. farm laborers.

For a complete list of grants awarded by the Rosenberg Foundation, please visit:

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