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Rosenberg Foundation’s Third Edition of Justice in California – Immigrant Rights and Integration

The Rosenberg Foundation announces the third edition of Justice in California, an online publication that features powerful op-eds from advocates and thought leaders from the state and nationally.

In this edition, the foundation asked leading immigrant rights advocates and champions to share their ideas and strategies on one of the premier social justice issues of our time, advancing rights and opportunities for immigrants. Pieces include:

  • Reshma Shamasunder and Angelica Salas on how California is leading the way on immigrant rights and integration.
  • Pablo Alvarado on stopping the criminalization of immigrants.
  • Janet Murguía on the need to put immigrant integration front and center on the national agenda.
  • Richard Trumka on the birth of a new kind of workers’ movement and how immigration reform can benefit workers.
  • Katie Joaquin and Maria Distancia on what’s next for domestic workers.
  • And much more.

Read the publication here:

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