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Thousands Of Sacramento Immigrants Receive ‘Know Your Rights’ Training Through City Program

A program to help documented and undocumented immigrants gave free “know-your-rights” training to 2,400 local families and 365 teachers in the last year.

Marcus Tang, an immigration attorney with the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation, says the Family, Unity, Education and Legal program also gave legal help to more than 300 people who are in the country legally, and to about two dozen who are not.

“If you are not a citizen in the United States, you may be eligible for immigration relief to improve your immigration situation or apply for certain status,” he explained. His group also helps those facing deportation.

Tang says almost all of the people assisted were employed. Families that made less than $31,000 a year qualified for free assistance.

Tang was scheduled to update city council on the program Tuesday evening. It costs $300,000 a year and has not been renewed.

Bob Moffitt
Capital Public Radio

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